Make sure the power cord is plugged into a known live power source.

Check the printer’s control panel to see if any lights or LED’s are on. Do you hear any noise from the printer’s cooling fan?

Check the printer’s control panel to see what message(s) appear on the LCD display.

Check the printer’s control panel to confirm that the LCD display reads “ONLINE”.

If the display reads “OFFLINE” then press the ONLINE key.

Check the rear of the printer to see if the data cable(s) are plugged in. There are primarily 4 types of Connections with associated cables:

  • Network – this cable looks like a telephone jack you would see in your home but slightly larger. It has 2 lights (LED’s), 2 small white switches.
       注意:if you have a network cable, check the two status LED’s. When the Network Interface Card (NIC) is working normally, one of the LED’s will be on solid green, while the other will blink On/Off in 2 second intervals.
  • Parallel – also known as Centronics, is a D-shaped connector with a rectangular shaped Area removed from the center.
  • Serial – also known as RS-232 has either and 9-Pin (DB-9) connector or a 25-pin (DB-25) connector
  • Coax / Twinax (CT) – has 2 connectors on a single board. The one connector is D-shaped 15-pin connection for Twinax and a round barrel shaped connector (BNC) adjacent for Coax.
       注意:the Twinax/Coax connections are frequently used for Host Computer systems such as the IBM AS 400 and Mainframes.

Run an internal self test on the printer.

Confirm that the self test page contains readable text and or graphics.

Check the LCD on the control panel for any error messages.

If the LCD reads “Paper Out” or “Paper Not Detected” then load paper.

If the LCD reads “Paper Jam” then remove all paper from the printer, and reload.

Check the User’s Manual for a complete list of error messages.

Check the print job status on your host (sending) computer. Does it show a print job in progress or no jobs waiting?

If a print job is waiting then press the ONLINE key, the LCD will read OFFLINE/Data In Buffer eject the last page of the print job.

Turn the printer off, wait 30 seconds then turn the power back on.

Check to see if there are lights on, no error messages on the LCD.

If none of the above steps resolves the issue please call Printronix Technical Support.