Symptom: configuring a printer with TN5250 emulation (AS/400).


Configuring PrintNet:
Start a telnet session to the Printronix printer: telnet , login as “root”, no password is required. Then perform the following telnet commands:

  1. Store tn destas400
  2. Store tn destdevicedesc
  3. Store tn destautoconnect
  4. Save
  5. Reset

Wait ~1 minute for the printer to connect to the AS/400.

Theis one of the logical destinations in the PrintNet adapter. (d1prn, d2prn, etc). Theis the name of the device that will be created on the AS/400.

With the AS/400 command wrkdevd, the new printer is listed.

This installation procedure assumes that the PrintNet adapter is configured with the correct IP address, subnet mask, and gateway (if required). In addition you can also ping and telnet to the PrintNet adapter.
Print an E-net Test Page to verify the Ethernet settings.
(P5000, T5000, T4000) DIAGNOSTICS -> Printer Tests -> E-net Test Page -> Enter
(L55xx, L1524) DIAGNOSTICS -> Test Pattern -> E-net Test Page -> Enter

Do a DSPSYSVAL QAUTOVRT, and check the number of devices that can autoconfigure. A low number or zero may cause connection problems.