企业应该怎么样用PrintNet Enterprise打印机远程管理系统来迁移打印专用的数据文件?方法适用所有我去彩票站的工业级打印产品吗?



Use the macro facility of PrintNet Enterprise to send data files to the printer to be printed.  IMPORTANT: This is not the way to download flash files or program files.


The macro feature of PrintNet Enterprise Suite can be used to print a data file by sending the file over Ethernet or serial COM1 to a printer.

  1. In the ‘File’ menu, select ‘Preferences’.
  2. In the Preferences window that pops up, select the ‘Macro Setting’ tab.
  3. If using Ethernet:
    1. On the ‘Macro Setting’ tab, on the ‘General’ subtab, set ‘Printer Port’ to “Network”
    2. Check the box labeled “Use selected network printer”
    3. or on the ‘Network’ subtab fill in the Ethernet address to always use.
  4. If using serial:
    1. On the ‘Macro Setting’ tab, on the ‘General’ subtab, set ‘Printer Port’ to “COM1”
    2. On the ‘Serial’ subtab, set the serial properties.
    3. Click “OK”.

To set up a file to print:

  1. Select your printer.
  2. Open the menu ‘Utilities’
  3. Select ‘Macro Utility’.
  4. On one of the macro lines, press the button labeled ‘Configure’.
  5. In the window that pops up:
    1. Check ‘Print from file’
    2. Press the ‘Browse’ button.
    3. Browse and select your file to print.
    4. Click “OK”.

Note that the button labeled with a macro number changes to display the file name.

To print the file, press the button displaying the file name.

If you save the PNE configuration, the macro menu will be set up for you for next time.