P7000系列工业级高速行式打印机的“Ribbon End Life”选项提示是否将色带折旧报废。使用P7000高速行打期间,用户能否自己设置“Ribbon End Life”选项,从而控制打印机色带的使用寿命?


The P7000 “Integrated Print Management System” uses unique barcodes on the ribbon spools to help the printer determine when a new ribbon has been installed.

The default ribbon life is factory-set. It is referred to as the “ribbon end point”. The printer monitors the printing activity, and displays the remaining life of the ribbon expressed as a percentage of the full life, 100% to 0%.

The ‘Ribbon End Point’ option in the PRINTER CONTROL menu allows the user to change the ribbon life. The default for this option is “Normal”. If the value is set darker, the end point will be reached sooner (while the ribbon is darker), and the ribbon will have less life. The darkest value is “Darker +6”. If the value is set lighter, the end point will be reached later (while the ribbon is lighter), and the ribbon will have more life. The lightest value is “Lighter -10”.

Picking a new ribbon end point value causes the printer to calculate a new length of ribbon life. The printer takes into account the amount of printing that has already been done, and displays the percentage of the new life left as 100% to 0%.

To make a ribbon last longest before reaching the end point, set the end point for “Lighter -10”. The system cannot be disabled entirely. The “ribbon low” warning can be overridden or turned off, but eventually the printer will display the message “EXCESS RBN WEAR / Install New RBN”, indicating that the ribbon must be changed before printing can proceed.

(NOTE: The ‘ribbon low warning’, ‘ribbon low action’ and ‘ribbon end action’ options are set in the ADVANCED USER menu. Setting the ‘ribbon end point’ is done in the PRINTER CONTROL menu.)

If all printing is being done within 6.6” of the left margin, the ribbon may be installed “upsidedown” periodically by removing both reels and reinstalling each reel on the opposite hub from the original location. Each orientation of the ribbon is counted as a different ribbon by the printer, and the printer remembers the wear reading of a previously-installed side. Because the hammers track across the ribbon in a diagonal, printing only 6.6” of the paper width will remove ink from only half the height of the ribbon. It is best to turn the ribbon periodically instead of running the life down to 0% before swapping, to keep the tension in the fabric even. If printing is wider than 6.6”, more than half of the ribbon height is being used. If the ribbon is flipped under these circumstances, the area near the middle of the height of the ribbon will become excessively worn out because it will print twice as much. Be sure to keep the ribbon hubs clean while swapping; if the barcodes become dirty or damaged, the ribbon will become unusable.